The Netflix movie, "The Dirt", features a scene where Tommy meets with Nikki at the Denny's. In the scene, Nikki is impressed with Tommy's stick twirling and decides to give Tommy a shot and they end up forming Motley Crue.

In reality, Before Tommy met Nikki at the Denny's, he met with Michael Britton. Michael was the singer/songwriter of Tommy's last band, Dealer. Tommy asked Michael if he could get a copy of the six songs they had recorded together. Michael gave him a cassette to share with Nikki. It was Tommy's playing on these songs that impressed Nikki enough to want to form Motley Crue with Tommy.

Recently, Michael came across the cassette he had missplaced 39 years ago. The six songs were recorded in a friends home studio. The songs have recently been digitized off the original cassette and cleaned up by an engineer to produce the best quality sound possible.

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Michael is now offering these 6 songs on CD enclosed in a jewel case. This makes the perfect addition to your collection of Motley Crue memorabilia as these are the only songs Tommy ever recorded before joining Motley Crue.

Your CD's artwork includes photos of Tommy Lee in concert and in the studio with Dealer as well as backstage.

No collection will be complete without this CD amongst it.

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